Friday, April 10, 2009


As the spring slowly warms up Wisconsin, Twin Ponds Toys is ready to reveal the winter workshop happenings.

Here's a taste of what has arrived:

This castle is made of beautiful cedar - the walls and towers come apart so you can build different configurations and easily pack it away when play is done. Grips on the walls make it easy for small hands to build it and then are perfect lookout spots for the knight and princesses who live there.

Here it is disassembled:

The puzzle trucks were inspired by an old toy - built to be a working hauling toy, a puzzle, and an opportunity for creative play.

Once the load is hauled, the pieces of the truck can become a station, a city, anything you can imagine.

We are always attracted to toymaking that encourages open-ended play, rather than a static object that can only be one thing.

Here are the parts disassembled:
Tenzarelli and Jampaloo think Uncle Kirk's toys are awesome, don't you?